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P.Ramlee The Musical - color me cool [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

P.Ramlee The Musical [May. 18th, 2008|06:12 pm]
[Current Mood |artistic]


A musical production that paid tribute to the most legendary man in the music and fim industry in the 1950s - P.Ramlee.  It was indeed a spectacular production that depicted the life, loves (yes, plural, loves because he was in love with 4 women - not simultaneously of course!) and stories of the man who is still an artistic genius worshiped by many even till today.

I truly enjoyed myself, despite having a paper that I'm barely done with studying in 2 days.  So enthused i was, i google-ed and yahoo-ed him.  Although i personally think that till today, the truth of his story is still vague and unknown.  He is quite the romantic, P.Ramlee.  Not so handsome, but very much charming and smooth. 

The all star line-up of casts made a stellar performance. Extra kudos to to the leading actor and actress, Musly Ramlee (no, hes not the son of P.Ramlee; its a coincidence of sorts that he sounds and looks the same as the legend himself) and Liza Hanim who played Saloma. Damn shes good. And her voice, woahh.

I sure wished my name was Azizah.  (In case u didnt know, Azizah was P.Ramlee's first love and as was the inspiration behind some of his works; he even wrote a song about her - Now, theres no song titled Liyana is there?)